From the sizzling meats of the robata grill to super-fresh sushi, sashimi, and seviche, SUSHISAMBA has something for everyone looking for great sushi in Las Vegas. Whether it's lunch or dinner, the menu offers a unique blend of fiery Brazilian, zesty Peruvian, and fresh Japanese culinary influences. Robata means "by the fireside," and at SUSHISAMBA that translates to grilled eats like filet mignon with ginger, garlic, and soy; lamb chops with guava ponzu, tobiko, and spiced panko; and jumbo prawn. This is just the tip of the Latin fusion iceberg. There's also a hearty sampling of traditional Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian dishes, including classic Japanese tempura, Brazilian churrasco, and feijoada and Peruvian anticuchos, marinated skewered meats roasted over an open fire - timeless street food. It’s fusion cuisine like you’ve never had before. For dessert try the warm chocolate banana cake or arroz con leite with doce de leite ice cream, and mango and sake gelée.

Colorful design and Brazilian beats infuse fun into the one-of-a-kind SUSHISAMBA experience. Step through the glass façade inspired by the linearity and color of Mondrian and enjoy the energy under a 16-foot ceiling and soaring atrium. Surrounded by curving ribbons of brilliant color, SUSHISAMBA transports you to Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval by way of video screens peppered throughout the space, losing yourself in artful projections that feature the colors, flavors, and cultures of Japan, Brazil, and Peru.

Exotic Spirits and Cocktails

When it comes to libations, SUSHISAMBA goes above and beyond. Freshly-muddled fruit cocktails are a staple and exotic spirits like shōchū and cachaça flow like water. And if you've been curious about sake, look no further than SUSHISAMBA's extensive sake list with its in-depth descriptions – and a sake sommelier as your guide.

Special Events

Japanese Whisky Experience

The Japanese Whisky Experience is a 7-course chef's tasting specifically curated around our imported small-batch Japanese Whisky selection. Available for groups of 4+ with a 7-day notice.

Meet Our Chef

John Um

John Um

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