In-suite Dining


In-suite Dining

Room service at The Venetian Resort is 24/7. It includes a variety of gourmet menu items. From meals and desserts to wines, and craft cocktails. 

Breakfast in bed or supper in slippers. Gourmet food is just a phone call away. From simple to the extravagant, In-Suite Dining delivers within thirty minutes or less.

Choose from dozens of options. Using only the freshest possible ingredients. Our meat portions are center-cut in our very own butcher shop. We're confident that you will be delighted with our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable service team and the total in-suite gourmet dining experience.

Looking for Kosher food on property? Order from our certified Glatt Kosher options.

To savor the extraordinary in the comfort of your suite, simply choose from the In-Suite Dining menu and press the "button with a bowtie" on your in-suite telephone.


Mother’s Day Rose

May 7–9

What better way to show mom you appreciate her than with dessert? In-suite Dining has created a flower that keeps on giving for this special occasion. Their Mother’s Day Rose is made from rosé Champagne, fresh raspberries, and local honey that’s whipped into a creamy ganache. The petals are piped by hand and served under a gorgeous glass dome made of sugar. This exclusive dessert is only available through In-suite Dining, May 7-9.

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