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Electra Cocktail Club

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In the heart of The Palazzo casino, find yourself surrounded by the pulse of Electra Cocktail Club. Magnetic in its appeal, fashionable in its aesthetic, and garnished with a dash of the surreal—Electra is where avant-garde cocktail creation challenges the limits of tradition in a kinetically charged environment.

Wake up your palate with cocktails that are ahead of the trend. Focusing on rums, agricoles, and mezcals, these spirits are just as nuanced as any wine or whiskey. From dry to smoky and everything in between, the well-versed bartenders of Electra can craft a sensory-pleasing cocktail tailored to your desires. You can also select a signature spirit from the menu like the Penichillin, a frozen version of the Penicillin, the Age of Aquarius made with mezcal and passionfruit, the Unicorn Tears with gin, sherry, and pineapple or another of the unique libations made from the highest quality ingredients.

As the night develops, artistic narratives unfold on the captivating digital canvas that spans one entire wall of Electra. From traditional to abstract, custom artworks have been created to attract eyes and expand minds. The ebb and flow of music from contemporary hip hop and rock transforms throughout the evening, mixed expertly by resident DJs that anticipate the right vibe to create lasting moments of movement. Nod your head, sway in your seat, or dance it out—whatever feels right, live in the now (for tomorrow).

Electra’s completely open floor plan makes it easy to spot your friends or catch the eye of someone new. Enjoy large, tufted sofas in the center with your group or settle into a custom lounge chair along the perimeter to spark deeper conversations. The most coveted seat in the house is the VIP corner banquette, enveloped by a stack of envy-inducing bracelets, ranging from brilliant brass to rose gold, several of the bracelets sparkle inside and out creating an electric atmosphere for a decidedly grown-up night out. When you want the energy of the mega-club but the intimacy of a local hotspot, look no further than the collision of energy and style of Electra Cocktail Club.

Special Events

Vegas Uncork'd: Behind the Bar: Learn the Complexities of Cocktails with the Masters of The Venetian Cocktail Collective

Saturday, May 11, 2019 (3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

Cocktail enthusiasts will have the chance to test their talents behind the bar with the master barwomen and men of The Dorsey, Rosina & Electra Cocktail Club. The Venetian Cocktail Collective lead bartenders, Juyoung Kang and Evan Hosaka will educate and guide guests through the history and relevance of specific bitters and house made syrups, as well as signature cocktails made at all three bars. Guests will also get an in-depth, step-by-step demonstration of the signature drinks before they step behind the bar to show off their own skills. Guests will also be treated to a reception in their honor with lite bites to enjoy alongside their libation creations.

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