Truth & Tonic - Wellness Café

Truth & Tonic


Truth & Tonic playfully takes its cues from the apothecaries of yore, with a food and drink menu that emphasizes the healing benefits of ingredients and prescribed culinary “cures” to fuel our guests in their quests to be their best.

Truth (authenticity, precision, legitimacy) balanced with Tonic (restorative, giving a feeling of vigor, well-being). 

Executive Chef Pete Ghione (our head apothecary) has a passion for spreading the gospel of improving one’s life through optimized nutrition. With guidance from the renowned Canyon Ranch nutrition and medical teams, he has crafted a menu of offerings packed with nutrient-dense superfoods and adaptogens (roots and herbs known for their healing effects on the adrenal system). The resulting all-day menu relies on clean ingredients, pure flavors, innovative combinations, and timelessly rustic preparations.

Dishes like roasted cauliflower dressed with a house-made Caesar and topped with a chimichurri shrimp skewer and Maine lobster club sandwiches with slices of heirloom tomato and crisp bacon underscore the fact that healthful doesn’t have to be synonymous with sacrifice.

To drink, we pour cocktails that spotlight curative fresh-pressed juices and herbs (a nod to the apothecary’s reputation of sorts as the original cocktail bar), along with organic, biodynamic and natural spirits, wines, and beers. For the non-sinners among us, fresh-pressed juices, elixirs, sparkling tea tonics, superfood smoothies, and a coffee program curated by Caffe Umbria of Seattle (and complemented by our unique, plant-based milk alternatives and house-made syrups) are on offer.

Chef’s relationships with some of the best producers of bespoke, small-batch products – such as J’enwey Tea and Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha – mean that our offerings are always of the highest integrity.

Patrons enjoy it all in a breezy, light-filled cafe setting. And from the wellness-focused menu to the healthy cocktails, fresh juices, kombucha, and more, the result is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that is so good for you, over-indulging can’t be bad.

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