With Love, The Venetian Resort

The Venetian Resort was inspired by the spirit of Italy and her people – a spirit that endures during this time. Love is the pillar of our resort, and it is reflected in everything we do. Our people have always made the difference. And now, we stand together with our Team Members as we share love and hope with the world. Stay safe, and keep your love burning brightly.

Sharing The Love

In times like this, it is our community that lifts us up.
We are committed to returning the love in many ways.

Spreading The Love In Our Family

In Our Family

Las Vegas Sands, our parent company, has made a commitment to our nearly 10,000 team members who work at The Venetian Resort and our Las Vegas-based corporate offices. During the current state-mandated closure, our employees are receiving full pay and health care benefits. We are even providing emergency pay to employees of several of our third-party restaurant partners. “It’s not only the right thing to do,” Chairman and CEO Sheldon G. Adelson said in an op-ed he shared with the business community. “It’s good business.” Indeed, our people have always been the secret to our success.

Spreading The Love Throughout Las Vegas

Throughout Las Vegas

In addition to ongoing donations of food, water and materials to organizations around the community, Sands donated a total of $250,000 to jumpstart the community response of local organizations, including Three Square, Southern Nevada’s largest hunger-relief organization; Communities In Schools, which is helping provide meals to students who would otherwise be participating in their school’s free and subsidized meal programs; and Share Village Las Vegas, a veterans assistance organization that also runs a community food pantry. An additional $200,000 grant is providing crisis-related care by the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. We are also coordinating with local programs that provide food to those without homes, by providing thousands of box lunches.

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Spreading The Love Across the Nation

Across the Nation

To help with community responses in Nevada, New York, California and Massachusetts, Sands has donated more than 2.5 million pieces of personal protection equipment, including two million surgical masks, 1,900 coronavirus test kits and 20,000 protective suits to help health-care professionals, first responders and nonprofit organizations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Spreading The Love Around the World

Around the World

As the world continues to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we commend the millions of heroes on the front line of this crisis. To honor the people of America and Italy, for instance, we have transformed the lights of our tower signs with the colors of the flags of the United States of America and of Italy. And every evening, our exterior lights are lowered to reveal a message of LOVE in our windows, providing a beacon of hope to those around the world who are sharing their love as they make personal sacrifices to fight this virus, especially our first responders and medical community.

Always Choose Love

In these unprecedented times, we encourage each other to look out for our community.  We have been inspired by stories of our Team Members and our neighbors coming together to help in time of need. We can each start small…. One family.  One neighborhood.  One city at a time.  In difficult times, we can only control what we can. But, whenever possible, we can always choose love. 

Five Ways You Can Help From Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the experts weighed in quickly – the best way we can help is to stay home as much as possible.  Check.  However, when the world is in need, there is an unsettling feeling about sitting at home. In fact, we heard from our Team Members right away that they were looking for additional ways to help while staying at home.  Through our Sands Cares program, we have been sharing ways we can help our Las Vegas community.  In that spirit, we also have found a few ways most everybody can share their love during this current crisis—including a fun way to spread some love on Facebook.

Reach Out to Your Neighbors

While we may be “socially distant,” we’re all in this together. This is a great time to reach out and connect with each other, offering presence even in our isolation. Habitat for Humanity suggests simple acts like purchasing groceries and picking up medications for an at-risk neighbor and leaving them on their doorstep. Other non-contact chores include offering to put out the trash, get the mail or mow the lawn. Start a neighborhood email list to facilitate communication, and give your neighbors a chance to volunteer or ask for help. 

Write a letter

In today’s digital age, written letters are a lost art – and definitely unexpected.  Consider providing a bit of cheer by sending a letter or card – or even a care package – to those who are socially isolated.  While visitors are not currently allowed at senior centers or nursing homes in most areas, many will allow you to write letters. Reach out to see if they have any specific requests (or restrictions), and where to send your love. 

Small tips

During this current shutdown, money is tight for many, especially for those who cannot work.  If you can, consider sending a small tip to your hair stylist, nail tech or other service provider (perhaps through Venmo or PayPal), to help them through this time. Also, if you can afford it, consider over-tipping delivery drivers, or others still working during this crisis. 

Volunteer From Home

Non-profit organizations that rely on volunteers are finding a new challenge – how to react to a growing need to provide services without the use of in-person volunteers.  One innovative solution is to provide tasks that volunteers can do from home – volunteering remotely, if you will.  We found three sites that are posting these opportunities for those who have a little extra time while at home: Volunteer Match, Idealist and Catchafire.

Donate Blood

Our last suggestion involves leaving your home temporarily.  However, we have seen reports that many cities are experiencing a critical shortage in blood supplies.  Local blood banks have instituted “social distancing” and sanitation measures to make this a safer experience for those who can donate.  Check the website of your local agency for more details.

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