Step into Star Wars™: Secrets of The Empire

Star Wars: Secrets of The Empire

Step Beyond Reality

Virtual Reality Experience

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a galaxy far, far away. Now’s your chance.

Step into a brand new hyper-reality experience with Star Wars™: Secrets of The Empire. ILMxLAB and The VOID have created a whole-body, fully immersive adventure, where you, your friends and family can get physically inside the action. Our virtual reality experience combines interactive sets and real-time effects for a truly innovative experience that any Star Wars fan will love.

The future of virtual reality Time

When you dive into this virtual reality experience, you’ll be outfitted with a special backpack and mobile computer. You’ll also be equipped with a helmet and microphone to communicate with your fellow Rebel Alliance teammates. After getting debriefed on your mission you’ll be grouped into teams of four. Once you’re in full gear, you’ll be able to see you and your team are outfitted as undercover Stormtroopers. You and your rebels will travel to the planet of Mustafar to recover Imperial intelligence which is vital to the budding rebellion’s survival. Its overheated atmosphere should feel familiar to those accustomed to the Vegas heat and, yes, not only will you be able to feel the heat of the fiery planet, but you’ll be able to smell it as well.

Digital Spy says “Secrets of the Empire is currently the closest thing you’ll get to actually being in Star Wars™” and they couldn’t be more right.

Use your disguise to your advantage, grab a blaster, solve puzzles, and fight enemies to fulfill your mission. Pushing all boundaries of virtual reality, the Star Wars™ universe is brought to life for a full-sensory, cinematic story.

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