Majordōmo Meat & Fish

Majordōmo Meat & Fish

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Majordōmo Meat & Fish is a modern steakhouse that pulls from a diverse range of food traditions. Guests are encouraged to build a meal from the full breadth of the menu. Bing—a fluffy flatbread—kicks things off, and guests can choose from a variety of toppings including salty-sweet Cultured Butter & Honey and rich Shaved Foie Gras, two Majordōmo favorites. The raw bar features seafood platters and an ever-changing variety of shellfish, including oysters, Jonah crab claws, and shrimp cocktail.

The menu moves into mid-courses of appetizers and pastas. Building on the seasonality of the menu at Majordōmo in Los Angeles, the appetizer section focuses on creatively prepared vegetable dishes that highlight the freshest produce we can source from the farmer’s markets in Los Angeles. The pasta section leans into comforting Majordōmo hits like Macaroni that swaps miso-like Hozon for cheese in a take on cacio e pepe.

The heart of the menu is dedicated to the meat & fish offerings, chief among them the Smoked Prime Rib. We start with dry-aged Creekstone beef and cure it for 24 hours in our umami-rich Savory Seasoned Salt before smoking it for five hours. Served from a custom-made prime rib trolley, the dish serves two and comes with sides of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. We round out this section with a selection of meat dishes for any appetite and fresh fish dishes, some of which come from our own crustacean tanks.

A majordomo is a person who makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. In that spirit, we aim to provide a lively and engaging experience for our guests.

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Moon Palace is a new spot from David Chang.

Open 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. daily
Moon Palace is a quick, casual place to grab a bite and is located across from Majordōmo Meat & Fish in the Palazzo Tower.

The menu features Tastys (a patty served across two King’s Hawaiian rolls), Hot Chips (freshly fried potato chips), and Half Dips (two pillowy pancakes sandwiched around marshmallow fluff and half-dipped in chocolate).

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David Chang

David Chang

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