Top 10 Best Selfie Spots

Top 10 Best Selfie Spots

Las Vegas is one of the most Instagrammed places in the world. With so many iconic landmarks, pools, art, and more, there are some pretty amazing places to take pictures in Las Vegas. At The Venetian Resort, there are tons of Instagram-worthy places to capture. We’ve gathered a list of the best spots to snap a selfie.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Selfies

Armillary Sphere

You’ll find The Armillary Sphere in The Venetian Resort lobby. The golden sculpture is a reminder of the Renaissance spirit that guided the scholars and statesmen of Venice, Italy. Armillary spheres were originally invented to track celestial objects in the sky. This stunning recreation is one of the best Las Vegas photo shoot locations. Stand several feet away from the base, this will allow you to get all of the Armillary Sphere in the frame along with your smiling face.

Black Tap

On a beautiful sunny day head to the patio at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer for your go-to place for outdoor eating in Las Vegas. Chef Joe Isidori knows the way to an Intagrammer’s eyes and their stomach, Black Tap has some of the most selfie-friendly food in the restaurant world with their over-the-top milkshakes and artistic murals that incorporate neon lights into their designs. Pick your CrazyShake of choice and make the Strip your backdrop, it’s easily one of the best selfie spots in Vegas. (Photo: @chantelzales)


Laura Kimpton’s LOVE sculpture was first featured at Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas and found a new home in the Waterfall Atrium in The Palazzo tower. The ruby red letters stand 12 feet tall and collectively span 36 feet across. Kimpton believes that art should be experiential and encourages people to interact with the artwork. The sculpture is covered in cutouts shaped like birds, creating a texture that makes for an awesome backdrop for a selfie. LOVE is one of the best places to take pictures in Las Vegas. (Photo: @emilymen) 

Grand Colonnade

One of the best photo ops in Las Vegas is the Grand Colonnade leading to the lobby in The Venetian. The 25-foot Botticino columns that line the Grand Colonnade are made from solid marble that comes from quarries in Italy. The frescos on the ceiling were canvases painted by Italian artists and then applied to the domed ceiling. There are so many photo opportunities with all this gorgeous art—have fun with different angles and capture your best Vegas selfie.

Rosina Champagne Button

Rosina Cocktail Lounge embodies old-school allure with Art Deco flair. Brass geometric designs are throughout the space, along with plush velvets, and chandeliers casting the right lighting for the best vibes. Every part of Rosina is selfie-worthy, but the most fun is the Champagne call button. A quick pic of you pressing the button is one of best Las Vegas photo shoot locations, but what’s even better? Champagne will arrive within moments.


Riding in a Venetian gondola is a must when visiting and it’s one of the most unique places to take family pictures in Las Vegas. Whether you choose the indoor or outdoor gondolas, they both provide plenty of group photo opportunities and selfies galore. Take some time to get to know your friendly gondolier, they’ll be happy to take a picture with you or let you take video of their phenomenal singing as you cruise down the Grand Canal. (Photo: @vivaluxuryblog)

Suite Life

With the sun filtering through the sheer curtains you have one of the optimal Las Vegas photo shoot locations. The Venetian Resort suites are twice the size of the average Las Vegas hotel room, making them the largest standard rooms offered on the Strip. That means you have more photo opportunities than anyone else and that’s just inside your suite. Take a picture cocooned in the comfortable bedding of your pillow-top bed, show off your spread as you enjoy breakfast in bed, or take a picture of spectacular view you have.

Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano

Any foodie with an Instagram knows to take the photo opportunity when they see it. The approachable menu at Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano highlights the simplicity of regional Italian recipes. Every dish is prepared with care, ideal for lovers of eye candy and comfort food. Grab yourself a pere ubu, a divine combination of St. George pear eau d’vie, Montenegro, vodka, lemon, and prosecco, then snag a seat in front of the neon centerpiece in the intimate 25-seat lounge. Make a toast and snap a selfie to add to your collection of best places to take pictures in Las Vegas. (Photo: @lifeandmylens)

Mott 32

As you enter Mott 32, their 25-foot ceiling set the stage for architectural excellence. The designer, Joyce Wang strove to reflect the rich cultural history while adding Vegas allure. They incorporated multiple spaces, each with their own individual aesthetics which resulted in a seamless blend of East and West. Mot 32 is one of the best places to take pictures in Las Vegas because there are so many unique elements in each space. The most Instagram-worthy are the neon duck logo on the flower wall and the ostrich feather chandelier in one of the more private dining areas.

The Dorsey Library

From start to finish, The Dorsey Cocktail Bar is a visual masterpiece. From the gilded bird cage to the French oak accents, it exudes a sophisticated cool from another era. If you’re looking for Las Vegas photo shoot locations, you need to check out The Dorsey in The Venetian. The walls are lined with digital displays featuring the work of a number of artists. Take your selfie to the next level by finding your way to the Library where there’s hundreds of books lining the shelves and a cozy fireplace that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. (Photo: @lifeandmylens)