Success Story: Sustainability Innovation

Partnering with Customers to Advance Green Meeting Practices

Success Story: Sustainability Innovation

A Five-Year Partnership with IMEX

How The Venetian and IMEX have piloted new and meaningful sustainability initiatives

Going Green

For years, the IMEX America event has been held at The Venetian. Since 2012, we've partnered with IMEX on an event-wide sustainability program. Piloting cutting edge green initiatives. All while reducing the events environmental footprint. We educate members on the importance of sustainable practices. All while supporting the local community.

In 2016, the IMEX sustainability partnership was the most productive yet. Many new and expanded initiatives focused on three key directives. These were conservation, waste reduction, and community engagement. These efforts included:

1. Members assembling 833 kits of recycled personal hygiene products. The donation of these kits helped in need populations. Clean the World, a not-for-profit partner of The Venetian, received the donations. 

2. Park improvement initiatives started through a partnership with not-for-profit, Outside Las Vegas. Efforts included repairing flood damage, trash removal, and buffing park equipment.

3. Signage and furniture were part of the 1,250 pounds (ca. 567 kg) donated to Veterans Village by Exhibitors. Further, attendees donated extra badges and lanyards to, The Teacher's Exchange. This program enables the re-purposing or reuse of these products. 

4. A campaign was created called "Green Caffeine." This encouraged the use of reusable mugs by offering discounts on resort purchases. The campaign then encouraged the posting of "Green Caffeine" selfies on social media.

In addition, IMEX and The Venetian offered tours and talks. These focused on educational sustainability. Done by exhibitors chosen for their green leadership.