Success Story: Venetian Brings Luxury to Meetings

Success Story: Venetian Brings Luxury to Meetings

Skift Report – Beyond the Ballroom: Rethinking Luxury Experiences in Meetings

Learn how the Venetian uses its expertise in luxury to create unique and memorable meeting and event experiences.

How Luxury Experiences are Changing the Meetings Industry

Until recently, the term “luxury” hasn’t typically been associated with the meetings industry. Of course, many organizations hold incentive events for employees, where they reward top performers with luxury experiences. But more traditional meetings or conferences have tended to be strictly business, focusing on learning and networking.

That is starting to change. To attract time- and budget-constrained attendees, meeting planners are beginning to add special experiences to their event agendas. In many cases, these additions are actually integrated into the learning and networking programs, making those events more engaging and more effective.

When designing events, meeting planners should think about memorable experiences that attendees might not seek out for themselves for reasons such as cost or logistical challenges. Event planners that can offer “bucket list”-type experiences are likely to attract more attendees and create positive buzz for the organization.

This Skift report describes some of the ways organizations are using memorable luxury experiences in order to attract top-tier attendees. It also assesses the impact of these experiences on events, including how organizations are measuring ROI.

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