Success Story: The Impact of Wellness on Meetings and Events.

Success Story: The Impact of Wellness on Meetings and Events.

Skift Report – The Future of Wellness in Meetings and Events

How the Venetian uses uniqueness as a fully-integrated resort. And applies it to create new wellness-oriented experiences.

Wellness is now a $4.2 trillion industry worldwide. With an increased importance, the hospitality industry is challenged to broaden wellness offerings. For decades, hotels and resorts have “checked the wellness box” by providing guests with access to fitness centers and spa treatments. In today’s environment, those facilities are considered minimum requirements.

The pursuit of good health has become part of everyday life for most adults. These wellness-conscious individuals are determined to keep up their routines while on the road. The incessant, technology-driven pace of life is causing people to put a premium on self-care. As well as work-life balance. People are finding ways to address mental as well as physical health. In addition, they are practicing meditation, yoga, eating healthier, and spending more time in nature.

Hospitality companies are responding to this need. They are creating new and interesting ways to help guests maintain their sense of wellness. Offering programs like private yoga sessions, meditation rooms, and outdoor activities. Hotels and resorts are broadening sustainability initiatives. Including using natural materials and greenery to make spaces more pleasing and eco-friendly. Plus upgrading soundproofing to ensure improved sleep. As well as expanding the availability of healthy foods and beverages.

This report discusses trends in wellness and looks at how the hospitality industry is responding. It describes specific wellness programs that leading brands are instituting to better engage meeting attendees and increase market share.

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