Success Story: Big Celebration, Intimate Vibe

Success Story: Big Celebration, Intimate Vibe

Isagenix Celebrates Attendees in a Way that Reflects it Values

Fast Company talked to the health and nutrition giant about creating an atmosphere of intimacy and wellness – at a large celebratory event in Las Vegas.

Competing for attention is more challenging than ever in the age of “FOMO” – “Fear Of Missing Out.” The creative minds behind Isagenix’s Celebration Nation recognize the importance of cutting through today’s barrage of media and entertainment options to attract the attention of its customer-entrepreneurs.

Isagenix, a direct seller of health and nutrition products, started hosting its Global Celebration with just 2,500 attendees in 2010. The event’s growth has since mirrored the company’s growth, and the most recent event attracted 15,000 in-person attendees and an additional 20,000 remote participants. Storey Pryor, Isagenix’s director of event management, talked to Fast Company about the challenge of preserving a sense of belonging in an event that has become so enormous. Pryor emphasized the opportunities presented by their partnership with The Venetian, which include:

  • A wide variety of healthy menu options
  • An emphasis on sustainable practices, including Gold LEED certification
  • A family-friendly environment
  • The ability to accommodate and entertain all attendees under one roof
  • Cutting-edge technology to optimize the attendee experience

Isagenix’s collaboration with The Venetian has enabled the company to mount a blockbuster annual event that’s aligned with its history, values, and culture.

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