Unique Spaces

Unique event spaces in Las Vegas

We always want to showcase our ability to raise the bar and create unique experiences for our suppliers or meeting professionals to really inspire them on what you can do with their meetings and events at the Venetian.  The Aquatic Club is a non-traditional space that gets people outside. It's a pretty sophisticated space where we really did showcase some of our entertainment capabilities as well as our specialization in food.  We did a theme around Hampton's outdoor lobster bake using the Aqua Lily's which are really well known and provided a pretty great experience for customers to kind of immerse themselves and the overall Hamptons we were trying to accomplish. Food was definitely something that we really tried to impress upon relative to the Hamptons experience. We did have the lobster rolls, we had the shellfish that was brought in from the Northeast, so we tried to make the overall experience a very authentic experience to what you would do if you were sitting on the beach in the Hamptons.  You can create so many different experiences here on the property - bringing an experience that maybe you would provide in the Hamptons into Las Vegas really just showcases our ability to be able to bring any location to life at The Venetian.

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