Top 5 Event Trends for 2020


The theme of 2020 in the meetings and trade show space can be boiled down to one word: innovation. Through our partnership with Skift we assessed the top five meeting trends in 2020.


The meetings industry is responding to the need to reduce their environmental impact. Sustainability is more than a trend; it’s a global responsibility. Venetian Meetings has developed a Green Meetings Concierge as a resource. They explain all the options we have in place and help the clients develop an action plan to meet their sustainability goals.

Human-centric Event Planning

Tech is involved in every aspect of our professional and personal lives. It’s given us advantages, but more and more, the topic of screen fatigue is coming up in conversation. Planners are starting to think about how to offer attendees ways to unplug. Nap pods, massages, and other options are already out there. The key is finding out what’s relevant for your specific event needs.

Experience Design

Attendees are drawn to events that leave lasting impressions on them. It all starts with the venue. There are a variety of other locations out there, in addition to meeting rooms or a convention center. Restaurants with private rooms, ballrooms, and other unique event venues should be considered. Customers are looking to transform mindsets. Interactive and immersive events are in demand more than ever. By addressing these needs, planners will end up with more successful events.

AI-powered Technology

Real-time data is a huge value to meeting planners. That information helps with strategy, but it can also improve the attendee experience, too. One way that future AI can contribute is by taking over more tedious tasks, like taking notes at meetings. This will allow attendees to focus on the conversation, rather than capturing highlights. Chatbots have been used to collect attendees’ feedback. Planners can be more dynamic with this real-time data and change agendas and experiences on the fly.

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