Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission and vision statements reflect these principles, and carry over into our customer relationships and interactions.

Mission, Vision, Values


Mission Statement

At Sands Expo, everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission: 

  • To foster a dynamic work environment where the heart of our organization beats with the strength and vitality of our employees.
  • To create a welcoming environment where people gather to discover and create groundbreaking products and innovative new ways of doing business. 
  • To distinguish ourselves by delivering a uniquely memorable customer experience by working smarter, faster and together.


Vision Statement

Sands Expo is dedicated to creating and strengthening lifelong partnerships.

  • Partners with our Customers -- We will continuously be driven by integrity, innovation, and dedication. We will never lose sight of the importance of relationships with our customers.
  • Partners with our Team Members – We recognize that our Team Members are a diverse, highly talented group of individuals. We will endeavor to provide an environment devoted to cooperation, friendliness and mutual respect for each other.
  • Partners with the Environment – We are committed to being at the forefront of innovative sustainability practices and initiatives, so that we will always be recognized as an eco-friendly leader in our industry.
  • We at Sands Expo will be the most sought after convention center in the industry. Every event…every day…with pride, passion and performance.


Core Values

The values noted below form the foundation upon which Sands Expo Team Members perform and conduct work.

  • Customer Service - We will exceed the expectations of our customers with our exceptional service standards. 
  • Respect - We will consistently provide respect to our customers, team members and vendor partners in all of our interactions. 
  • Integrity - We will consistently treat our customers and team members in a fair, courteous and honest manner.
  • Team Members - We will value our differences while demonstrating dedication, loyalty and unity towards our mission.
  • Innovation - We will continuously strive to deliver creative, new and dynamic solutions for our customers and team members.
  • Community - We will actively create and participate in the charitable partnerships within our industry and community
  • Accountability - We will be accountable for our actions and responsible for our results. * Leadership - We will be industry leaders in all that we do.