Sands Expo Employment Opportunities

Sands Expo Employment Opportunities

To apply, please complete the employment application and email it to If desired, a resume may also be submitted.

Current opportunities:
  • Exhibit Service Representative - Responsible for representing the company in a professional manner as the first point of contact in the Business Center handling our exhibitor’s needs. Provide a high level of customer service to each Exhibitor.
    • Follow proper phone procedures and etiquette. Assist customers in placing show orders. Email or fax show forms to customers requesting them. Presents resolution to customer order inquiries.
    • Enter service order data into system including Business Center, Convention Services, Electrical, Internet, Floral, Plumbing, etc.
    • Enter payment information and charges orders. Prints work orders when necessary.


  • Parking Attendant - Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of traffic flow at the main entrance and parking area of Sands Expo, while providing the highest degree of customer service. Manages the flow of taxicab traffic and enforces laws of operating taxicab stands, helps guests entering and exiting taxicabs and assists with their luggage. Organizes flow of limousines, enforces limousine staging rules, and enforces local laws regarding limousine staging and driver solicitations. This is an on-call position that operates during select Sands Expo events.


  • Security Officer - Responsible for serving as the tactical response element for the Sands Expo Security Department’s mission, both for routine and emergency response operations. As the security department’s frontline of defense, enforce property rules and respond to incidents, accidents, alarms, and disturbances. As “Ambassadors of Sands Expo”, provide world class customer service to guests and attendees of all Sands Expo conventions and tradeshows.

    Essential Functions:
    • Patrol grounds and perimeters, and conduct checks of facilities and equipment; record findings.
    • Report unsecure doors, windows or other openings; suspicious persons, vehicles, or circumstances; hazardous conditions; equipment operating at wrong times; problems with firefighting equipment; violations of company security or safety policies.
    • Conduct static observation posts, observing personnel activities to detect threats.
    • Responds to accidents, incidents, and alarms, in order of priority, to conduct initial incident investigations and discover and document essential elements at the time and location they occurred.
    • Deal with difficult people in a fair and impartial manner.
    • Monitor materials and equipment entering and leaving the facilities.
    • Write reports, statements, and maintain logs as necessary.
    • Issue trespass warnings as necessary in accordance with NRS 207.200.
    • Represent Sands Expo in a positive and professional manner.


  • Show Cleaning & Meeting Services Supervisor - Responsible for the day to day operations and logistics of the Show Cleaning & Meeting Services department, including monitoring the work of temporary workers.

    Essential Functions:
    • Monitors the progress of event service orders and ensures that all set-up and cleaning items are completed for each client and exhibitor.
    • Reviews labor call, checks accuracy of projected labor call based on the event scope.
    • Assigns temporary workers to specific work areas.
    • Walks the event floor, monitors work progress, runs completion reports, and uses a checklist to ensure all service orders are complete.
    • Responsible for service order completion in assigned area
    • Promotes teamwork and a culture of continuous improvement.
    • Writes and disseminates end of shift report including an overview of the day and event, including any challenges, problems, areas of concern, and summarizes any worker issues.
    • Provides feedback and recommendations to Manager about the quality and efficiency of work performed by temporary labor.

    Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
    • One (1) or more years of supervisory experience in a janitorial, show cleaning, meeting services, public areas or internal maintenance role.
    • One (1) or more years working in a show cleaning or meeting services position in a conference or convention center.
    • Demonstrated experience completing exhibitor service orders, show management orders, banquet event orders, or meeting room orders.
    • Demonstrated experience working successfully and communicating effectively with individuals of various levels of experience and different backgrounds.
    • Extensive knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, requirements and use of cleaning equipment, and proper chemical handling.
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and ability to use Microsoft Excel to create service order and daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
    • Superior customer service skills.
    • Strong ability to evaluate information and take action based on assessment.
    • Must be able to work with others, communicate well, give direction, review the work of others, and provide feedback.