Sands Expo Employment Opportunities

Sands Expo Employment Opportunities

To apply, please complete the employment application and email it to If desired, a resume may also be submitted. For additional information or questions, please call 702.733.5281.

Current opportunities:
  • Accounting Clerk - Responsible for assisting the accounting department with the various operational functions.

    Essential Functions:
    • Responsible for operating the Team Member Bank which includes but not limited to:
      • Managing cash flow for events
      • Requesting funds and supplies
      • Preparing cash banks for Retail
      • Verifying cashier sales and receipts for the day
      • Monthly verification of Business Center Banks
      • Preparing deposits for Brinks
      • Entering revenue into EBMS
      • Preparing end of the show summary report
      • Scheduling and supervising temporary staff (V|P Cage and Runners for the shows).
    • Perform cash management duties which include completing Excel spreadsheets to maintain cash account balances.
    • Maintain EBMS including reconciling cash receipts.
    • Responsible for accounts payable operations which includes processing check requests and distributing invoices/vouchers for approval to the departments and monitor the AP email account.
    • Assists with assigned collection efforts of accounts over 90 days past due.
    • Supports Finance Managers with uploading completed and approved journal entries into Infinium.
    • Proficiency in Word and Excel.
    • Proficient in 10 key.


  • Assistant Stewarding Manager - Primarily responsible for overseeing a team of steward to meet the service requirements for all Sands Expo events and those events shared with the Venetian | Palazzo.

    Essential Functions:
    • Manages all steward stations and directs the work of up to 75 stewards per shift that are responsible for the movement of food and service items from kitchens and preparation areas to function areas and removes dirty/used service items for return to dish room.
    • Interviews, hires, and trains all line level stewards and provides recommendations, feedback and guidance.
    • Handles Team Member complaints and concerns; issues and documents disciplinary infractions.
    • Prepares schedules and makes recommendations regarding temporary staffing needs.
    • Schedules, arranges, monitors, and executes delivery of food and service items from kitchen to all function areas, including on and off property locations.
    • Ensures that each area is fully supplied with basic daily equipment.
    • Walks the service floor between set-up areas, function areas, and dish rooms to monitor progress of stewards and readjust staff as necessary.
    • Maintains and oversees warehouse operations, including tracking inventory and supplies and establishing par levels for the Company's stewarding needs.
    • Schedules, arranges, monitors, and executes delivery of service items to all function areas.
    • Coordinates with other operational departments (culinary, banquets, meeting services) regarding client and changing needs, including equipment, food and menu items, delivery times, and other special arrangements.
    • Ensures that breakdown areas are built, properly staffed, and cleaned after each function.
    • Ensures that all equipment, transportation carts, and other items are cleaned and ready for use at the end of each shift; checks condition of all equipment and creates work orders for repair or requisitions for replacement equipment as necessary.
    • Checks work areas and maintains compliance with local, state, and federal health regulations; corrects problems and deficiencies.

    Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
    • Three (3) or more years of experience in a steward role with preference given to those in a high-volume environment.
    • One (1) or more years of experience in a stewarding management role.
    • Extensive knowledge of health and kitchen guidelines, regulations, and laws.
    • Demonstrated experience scheduling and assessing staffing needs in a fast-paced, frequently changing environment.
    • Demonstrated experience arranging service needs based on BEOs in a convention center environment.


  • IT Service Desk Manager - Responsible to oversee operations of the Company’s IT Service Desk and the primary management of the technical staff assigned to this team. Applicants will be highly motivated and organized and be able to work and coordinate as part of a team.

    Primary Duties:
    • Supervise the IT Service Desk support staff by defining and establishing schedules, setting priorities, providing support/direction and addressing administrative issues as needed.
    • Ensure IT Service Desk staff provide timely and considerate internal guest service by fielding Helpdesk calls and resolving technical issues.
    • Ensure that all services provided by the IT Service Desk conform to company regulation and approved standard processes.
    • Assist users, both in person and via the phone.
    • Provide initial diagnosis of hardware issues, computer upgrades, networking setup/diagnoses, software problems, and PC specific issues/troubleshooting. Escalate as needed.
    • Ability to use, teach & troubleshoot Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office applications.
    • Gather, analyze and present metrics to benchmark the IT Service Desk workload/performance to develop and identify trends in issues to establish modifications to improve efficiency and practices.
    • Prepare and maintain procedures and guides for end users and IT staff
    • Improve user awareness of IT services by coordinating all training, documentation, and communication initiatives.
    • Work with the enterprise to promote excellent internal guest service, effective response times and provide expert insights into general support issues.
    • Analyzing and identifying trends in incident reporting and devising preventative solutions.
    • Enforce quality of service guidelines for dealing with internal users, completing services, and overall internal user satisfaction.
    • Manage work to provide completion of work order tickets from start to resolution.
    • Train IT Service Desk staff on standard operational procedures and troubleshooting techniques.
    • Provide training on new hardware and/or software applications as needed.
    • Create user accounts and manage access control based on company policies as needed.
    • Create and maintain documentation and processes.
    • Review and approve timesheets.
    • Develop staff goals and document performance evaluation.
    • Maintain backup strategy
    • Manage hardware inventories to organize, label, and provide asset tracking for various computer and A/V hardware
    • Work with other IT Departments, Service Providers, and vendors to troubleshoot technical challenges and develop solutions.
    • Proactively document solutions to new and common technical issues.


  • Parking Attendant - Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of traffic flow at the main entrance and parking area of Sands Expo, while providing the highest degree of customer service. Manages the flow of taxicab traffic and enforces laws of operating taxicab stands, helps guests entering and exiting taxicabs and assists with their luggage. Organizes flow of limousines, enforces limousine staging rules, and enforces local laws regarding limousine staging and driver solicitations. This is an on-call position that operates during select Sands Expo events.


  • Security Officer - Responsible for serving as the tactical response element for the Sands Expo Security Department’s mission, both for routine and emergency response operations. As the security department’s frontline of defense, enforce property rules and respond to incidents, accidents, alarms, and disturbances. As “Ambassadors of Sands Expo”, provide world class customer service to guests and attendees of all Sands Expo conventions and tradeshows.

    Essential Functions:
    • Patrol grounds and perimeters, and conduct checks of facilities and equipment; record findings.
    • Report unsecure doors, windows or other openings; suspicious persons, vehicles, or circumstances; hazardous conditions; equipment operating at wrong times; problems with firefighting equipment; violations of company security or safety policies.
    • Conduct static observation posts, observing personnel activities to detect threats.
    • Responds to accidents, incidents, and alarms, in order of priority, to conduct initial incident investigations and discover and document essential elements at the time and location they occurred.
    • Deal with difficult people in a fair and impartial manner.
    • Monitor materials and equipment entering and leaving the facilities.
    • Write reports, statements, and maintain logs as necessary.
    • Issue trespass warnings as necessary in accordance with NRS 207.200.
    • Represent Sands Expo in a positive and professional manner.