Grazie Rewards Points

How to Earn & Redeem

Grazie Rewards Points

Grazie Rewards Points are your ticket to a romantic gondola ride, a world-class dining experience, or more time on your favorite slot machine. Best of all, they’re easy to earn. Simply insert your Grazie Rewards card into the slot machine and play away.

How do I earn Grazie Rewards Points?

  • Slots: 4 Tier Points earned for every $1 of Theoretical Win

Do Grazie Rewards Points expire?

Grazie Rewards Points remain valid so long as you have rated slot play within the past 12 months.

How do I Redeem Grazie Rewards Points for Slot Credits?

Grazie Rewards Points can be redeemed at any slot machine as downloadable slot credits.

Download instructions:

  1. Insert your card into the reader.
  3. Select WITHDRAW.
  4. Key in your 4 digit PIN and press ENTER.
    1. Select QUICK CASH for predetermined Slot Credit amounts allowing faster redemptions.
    2. Select OTHER to redeem for a specific Slot Credit amount
  5. Enter the dollar amount you would like to redeem, and press ENTER. The amount selected will be downloaded to the slot machine.
  6. Any unused free play will automatically transfer to the SLOT CREDIT BANK upon removal of your Grazie Rewards card.

How do I Redeem Grazie Rewards Points for Resort Comps?

To redeem Grazie Rewards Points, notify your server or checkout staff that you are paying with points. Use your Grazie Rewards Points to redeem some or all of your purchase. Swipe your Grazie Rewards card to redeem your points as comps at the following outlets:

For other outlets on property, a print voucher may be available. Please go to a Grazie Rewards Desk to find out. Grazie Rewards Desks are located on both The Venetian and The Palazzo casino floors.

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