Atomic Saloon Show

Atomic Saloon Show

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A Must-See Las Vegas Show

“Blazing Saddles” meets “America’s Got Talent” meets “Westworld.” From the creators of "Absinthe" and "Opium", Atomic Saloon Show is Vegas-meets-Vaudeville with acrobatics, aerial stunts, singing, and stand up comedy routines.

Guests are immersed in the storyline as they enter the theater; an intimate multi-level saloon complete with a curated, themed specialty cocktail menu. Arrive early and enjoy a few drinks before the cast begins to emerge and the pre-show antics unfold.

A Variety Show Unlike Any Other

While critically acclaimed, the Atomic Saloon Show isn't for those easily offended. The script touches on topics that could make some of your most mild-mannered relatives blush. This is the type of show that will keep you laughing for hours after you leave.

Drop-dead sexy acrobats and ridiculous comedy mayhem.
Sexy, breathtakingly skillful and very funny The Sunday Times/Times UK
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