At The Venetian, every Las Vegas experience begins and ends with a suite, starting at 650 sq. ft. or select The Palazzo where our standard accommodation is a suite starting at 720 sq. ft. - both nearly double the size of other Las Vegas hotel rooms.

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At The Venetian, our hotel amenities and services make all the difference. The Venetian’s amenities include the business center, spa, pools, 24-hour in-suite dining, wedding services and more.

There are more things to do at The Venetian Las Vegas than you can possibly imagine. Experience the Indoor and Outdoor Gondola Rides and the World Famous Madame Tussauds. 

About The Venetian

Our integrated resorts have become premier destinations for travel enthusiasts around the world.  We have raised the bar of excellence in the hospitality industry, providing unparalleled guest service, a luxurious atmosphere and a dynamic resort experience with each and every visit.